here is my "why" 

My name is Natalie von Teichman and in 2009 my husband Andrew and I decided to start a family. What we didn’t anticipate is that we would end up having four wonderful boys in four years! When I found out that my third (and final) pregnancy would result in twins I told everyone “I will see you all in three years”. Four years later, after learning a ton about balancing children and life, I started the Friends First Foundation.


The foundation is a natural extension of my values and those that I would like to impart on my boys. The intention of the Friends First Foundation is help teach children to be both confident & empathetic leading to a reduction of bullying in our communities. We have all experienced or witnessed bullying in some form or another and can recognize how destructive a force it can be. It is our goal is to provide support and tools to help those who have been bullied and hopefully in the future, prevent it from happening in the first place.